Scottish American Heritage Month

Dear Fellow Scottish-American:
Attached is a computer file of a color poster intended to be used to celebrate Scottish-American Heritage Month, which is April, as well as Tartan Day (April 6). It is 11 by 17 inches in size and could be posted in libraries, work places, schools, etc. as you see fit. It does not advertise a specific event requiring attendance or include a particular contact person, but rather states several impressive facts for the reader to consider. So it can be used over and over, year after year.
Please help me and the many other Scottish-Americans throughout the United States who agree that we should keep our identity in front of the many other groups that make up the fabric of America. We have much to be proud of folks! Above all, PLEASE pass the file and this email content on to your friends, fellow clan members, Scottish societies, etc. This can be an amazing project if we all join in.
Following are some suggestions that I hope you will observe in using this poster:
  • The file is in PDF format and can be taken to your local printing service via a flash/thumb drive for printing, in that most of us do not have the 11 by 17 capacity on our home printers.
  • In order to look professional, it should be printed on glossy card stock. This will cost somewhere around two to three dollars for each copy printed. Don’t hesitate! It’s worth the price, even if you decide to print up several copies.
  • When you display this poster, be sure to get permission from the facility manager so we are not making a nuisance of ourselves, and making enemies in the process. Many people do offend the facility managers who don’t like being taken for granted and will simply take the poster down right after you put it up and sneak away.
  • You should plan on displaying the poster at the very end of March or during the very first week of April. If you want to display a second, smaller (8.5 by 11) flier alongside this larger poster advertising your local event, that would certainly add value.
  • When mounting the poster, please use four (not just one or two) staples (recommended), thumbtacks (preferred) or other products such as pushpins (not recommended since they are very easy for others to “borrow”).
  • The facility manager may ask you to take the poster down at the end of the month, or they will do it themselves. In the second case, the poster will probably be discarded. Oh well! It was money well-spent.
Thank you for helping with this project. If we don’t make the effort, who should?

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