Hosting A Burns Supper at Home (Part 3)

Part 3: The Event

A Burns Supper is intended to be a celebration among friends. As such, even though this isn’t a huge formal dinner in a fancy location complete with professional pipers, entertainers, speakers, and catered food, it can still be a festive affair. 

Get your guests actively involved in the event by assigning them duties. Whether those duties are host, Master of Ceremonies, poetry reader, toastmaster, or even just the person who manages to start and stop the bagpipe music, the more participation you have in your miniature event, the better. 

Set a challenge for your guests by putting out trivia questions about Robert Burns. Word games and puzzles can also be a lot of fun. Or just ask each guest to bring a trivia fact for your supper. These small remembrances are part of the tradition and are best suited to small gatherings and not as much for larger ones. Make your Burns Night Supper unique!

Send invitations and specify formal highland attire (or not, this is your event, after all). Plan your menu or just do a potluck style meal. Food is central and maximum engagement for your friends and family are what makes this a special evening. 

Lastly, have fun. Robert Burns enjoyed life to its fullest from the wee smallest detail to the grandest of gestures. This may be a night about his life, but it is being held in order to embrace our lives. Sláinte!


Robert Burns Trivia Quiz: 

Word Puzzles:


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